Our Water

this is an excerpt from Bottom Line’s Power Aging by Gary Null, PhD

“Another important aspect of maintaining health is drinking lots of pure water. Since up to 74% of your body’s tissues are water, it’s really your number one nutrient. Do you know what’s in the water you drink? Have you been led to believe it’s clean because municipalities put chlorine into it? This is not the case. While chlorine does kill some germs, it does not affect other harmful microorganisms, including parasites, to say nothing of industrial pollutants and drug residues.

There are five major categories of harmful substances in our water supply. The first is, ironically, the additives that are put into it with the intention of helping us. Chlorine itself is one, although it disinfects water to some extent, its prolonged ingestion has been associated with cancer. Another widely used additive is fluoride, which is supposed to prevent tooth decay. In truth, fluoride is a poisin when overconsumed, and it’s hard to control the level at which people ingest it since it’s in other sources. Too much fluoride can cause discoloration of the teeth – called fluorosis – skin rashes, and a variety of other problems, some as serious as bone cancer.”

So why are we still doing this? Stay tuned for more.

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