Our Water (continued)

con’t excerpt from Bottom Line’s Power Aging by Gary Null

“Waterborne microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses constitute a large class of pollutants, and while chlorine does kill many, others of these disease-causers – particularly protozoan parasites such as giardia and cryptospordium – can live in a chlorinated environment. Toxic minerals and metals are a third class of water pollutant. These include aluminum, asbestos, cadmium, and mercury. A toxic metal that can leach into water from old pipes is lead, which will accumulate in the body until it causes health problems.

Organic chemicals from fertilizers, pesticides, and fuels are a tremendous problem in water supplies. We’ve already mentioned volatile organic chemicals, or VOCs, in relation to air pollution, but they’re in water too. Benzene, from such sources as paint removers and plastics, is a common example of this type of pollutant, which can cause harm to the nervous system, among other bodily systems that are extremely important to our functioning. Other organic chemicals, the polychlorinated biphenols, or PCBs, are notorious carcinogens that have been illegally released by industry into our waterways. Lastly, our water can be contaminated by radioactive substances that come from mining, nuclear power plant discharge water, and other sources.

While we can’t clean up the nation’s water supply at this moment, the good news is that you can screen out these pollutants from your own personal supply. Home filtration systems are effective.”

Food for thought…….

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