Monthly Archives: February 2011

A Poem

I noticed that I have not blogged in several weeks. The problem is I’m not feeling overly serious today. It must be the lengthening days and the promise of spring (despite a forecast of snow tomorrow) that have me feeling as if I am 10. I want to play! So, instead of a serious article on water and our lack of clean, fresh water, how about a poem? A long time ago, in the B.C. comic strip written by Bobby Hart, I remember – at least I will do my best to remember – a poem about water!

When Hydrogen U met Oxygen Tech
The game had just begun.
Then Hydrogen racked up two quick points
And Oxygen still had none.
Suddenly Oxygen scored a point!
And thus it did remain:
At Hydrogen: 2 and Oxygen: 1
Called – because of rain.

Smart man that Bobby Hart – great comic strip. Today I will be thankful for water.

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