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Be careful – don’t get burned

Unfortunately, as the world gets bigger and more complicated, it’s hard to know who to trust. Here’s a true story and a little advise from us here at RainSoft Ottawa.

An older lady and long time customer of ours bought an air purifier from a company we shall refer to as “the Snidely Whiplash” company. After a while she called them saying it wasn’t working. It took “the Snidely Whiplash” company two weeks to get to her home and what happened then is hard to believe. The air purifier needed repairs and would have to be taken away but “may we test your water?” They proceeded to look under her kitchen counter, proclaim that the RainSoft R.O. system was outdated and delivering undrinkable water and TWO HOURS later had her talked into one of their brand new systems worth several thousand dollars! They left with her air purifier and the RainSoft R. O. system and have not been back.

You can read between the lines, right? Our system was in perfect working order, having been serviced yearly. Two hours of badgering someone would most certainly wear down the best of us. After about fifteen minutes I would have used some vocabulary that my kids don’t know I know but this customer was old school and I think, felt bullied. So now she has spent thousands of dollars she didn’t need to spend, “the Snidely Whiplash” company has her old R. O. system and her air purifier – more dollars gone – and she is left feeling foolish and ashamed.

We think this kind of behavior is reprehensible. We could not be any more outraged if this customer was our very own mother! We stand behind our products 100% and we stand behind this particular customer 100% should she wish to pursue the matter with “the Snidely Whiplash” company.

So here’s our advise: if you are skeptical (and who wouldn’t be after hearing stories like this) we don’t mind. In fact, we encourage it. Due your due diligence, phone the Better Business Bureau, ask us for references, talk to us a lot. RainSoft has been in business for 59 years, in Ottawa for 40 and here at Canotek for 12. We live here, we work here, we play here. We are your neighbours and we’re not going anywhere. We want you to be happy with our product and our service. We do not want you to buy stuff you don’t need or don’t want. I know it’s getting hard to believe these days but some if us still care about our reputation and about treating people with courtesy and respect.

To “the Snidely Whiplash” company……………..

Buying a house in the country?

Lots of properties in the country surrounding Ottawa are on wells and septic systems. If you are out house hunting in those areas, it pays to have a little knowledge under your belt. There is a lot of useful information on the

CMHC website.

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