BOTTLED WATER RIDICULOUS by Devon Patterson, SAIT Polytek, Calgary The Weal, September 29, 2011

In this day and age we have to pay for absolutely everything, including our number one life source: water.
Some argue bottled water is better for you than tap, or it simply tastes better. The last point is debatable. But the part about it being healthier for you, frankly, is a lie.
Bottlers aren’t required to list their sources on the label, so most of the time you are drinking glorified tap water, according to a study by the Natural Resources Defense Council. ABC’s 20/20 program stated that Aquafina, for instance, has a source coming from the Detroit River.
A Story of Stuff website project showed that bottled water costs about 2,000 times more than tap water and it’s coming from the same sources.
In Canada, local water supplies are tested every day, whereas bottled water plants are only inspected every three years, according to an article by CBC.
Not only is it wasting our money, it’s completely destroying our planet. A Story of Stuff project water video also mentions that 80 per cent of bottles are buried in landfills or sent to incinerators to be burnt. You think recycling is a safe bet? Some recycling companies just ship off the bottles to other countries instead of actually recycling them. It’s not just the bottles either. According to Discover magazine, bottle caps are showing up all over the Pacific Ocean and inside birds’ stomachs.
SAITSA has come up with the great idea of water kiosks from Waterfillz. It’s cold, filtered water available to students’ without the bottle. The best part is it will be completely free for students. This is a great solution to eliminating bottle consumption.
We need water to survive. Our bodies are made up of 70 per cent water and will die within three days without it.
And this is something big corporations expect us to pay for? The whole concept of bottled water is ridiculous.


The sad truth is that to get clean water we do have to pay for it, but to buy water in a bottle to throw it away is not the way. 80% goes to the landfill!! That is a huge number and can be corrected by what a lot of our city customers use and that is a whole house system. Not a shower filter or a cheap faucet filter but a system for under 1000$ that will eliminate bottled water for 6-10years depending on use. This clean water will be in your whole home for cooking, drinking, bathing etc…People never go back to the sterilized chemical water or the plastic bottle again.


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