Photo credit: Mike Jones via Flickr.

It’s that time of year again – when everyone’s thoughts turn to the jolly old elf and his eight trusty reindeer. But what about the reindeer’s cousin, the boreal caribou? It’s time we thought about them too!

The boreal caribou are in serious trouble. As industrial operations like oil and gas extraction and timber harvesting activities expand and move farther north, they are fragmenting caribou habitat and driving the animals towards extinction.

The federal government’s new draft caribou recovery strategy is, on many fronts, a huge disappointment. Instead of protecting habitat, they want to allow business as usual in places like Alberta’s tarsands, “stabilizing” herd populations by killing predators like wolves while allowing for further habitat destruction. A plan like this will surely land the government on Santa’s naughty list.

While we continue to work with forestry companies through the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement to ensure caribou survival and forest sector competitiveness, the feds need to know that they will be getting a lump of coal in their stockings if they don’t strengthen their Strategy.

But it’s not too late to let them know what you think of the plan. Until February 22nd, 2012, they’re accepting comments on their recovery strategy. We’re telling them that we want a strong recovery plan based on sound science rather than politics.

Tell the government you care about caribou by sending the email below. Santa will love you for it.

4,481 messages have been sent. Let’s get to 5,000!


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