If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to soar like a superhero and you’ve got $6,600 to spare, you are in luck – the inventive minds over at Zapata Racing have invented a pair of water-propelled rocket boots that they call the Flyboard. Though the boots are actually powered by a jet ski that floats behind you attached to a giant tube, if you’re running your jet ski on biofuel you’ve got a pretty green flying machine on your hands. Check out a video of the totally amazing water-defying feats after the jump!
Though the water-powered jet pack that we reported on awhile ago seems fun, these boots let you do so much more than fly upwards away from the water in a straight line. From the looks of the demonstration video, you transform from a land-standing human to a porpoise the minute you strap the device to your feet. The bendier (edit:more flexible) your body, the cooler your tricks can be.
All you need is a jet ski with a 100 horsepower engine or better — and the cash to buy the Flyboard. For an extra $1,200 you can buy an attachment that allows you to soar without the jet ski being towed behind you. The group doesn’t say how that extra attachment is powered — we’re thinking it might have an electric battery attached — but with a few adjustments this could be a totally green adventure.
Extreme sport company Jetpack Adventures has created a James Bond-esque jetpack that blasts water jets straight down whilst propelling users 28 feet straight up in the air! The jetpack is capable of 500 foot-pounds of thrust – and the user can even steer their flight with directional nozzles.
The Jetlev R200 jetpack is powered by a 200-horsepower engine in a nearby boat that blasts water through a tethered hose to propel the jet pack up. Pilots can use the ‘fly-by-wire’ controls to take off, hover and land. All in all, the system weights 30 lbs, but unless you live by the sea, this is hardly ideal commuter transport.
“We decided at the outset that jet packs are (primarily designed for recreation)”, Jetpack Adventures said on its site. “Intuitive flight controls, inherent stability, and an effective training system means that most student pilots can learn to fly solo within a few minutes of in-water instruction.”
For first timers, instructors can remote control the device from a boat. The jetpack’s 100-litre fuel tank (which we unfortunately presume runs on fossil fuels) allows the user to stay airborne for a period of between two and three hours. If you’re interested, the water jetpack can be rented for $250 in Key West, Florida for 30 mins, or purchased completely for $99,500.


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