AQUARIUMIf you have both an aquarium or a garden (or just a few houseplants) you should consider using the waste water from the aquarium on your plants. AQUARIUM2In addition to fish wastes and decaying fish food particles the water also contains helpful bacteria and trace nutrients that can help your plants thrive.
Gardening weblog Dave’s Garden shares that after applying wastes from the author’s 55-gallon aquarium his AQUARIUM3flowerbed has outperformed the prior flowerbed by 200%. The author also points out that if you lose fish you should dig them into your garden soil rather than flushing them away for even more natural fertilizer.
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NUTRIENTS…As you siphon out fish waste and decaying food particles, you are also siphoning out incredible amounts of helpful bacteria along with all the trace nutrients all plants need to survive (Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Potassium, iron, etc.) VEG GARDENUntil I read about it during some other unrelated research, I had never really thought of it before. I have been watering my vegetable garden and my winter flowerbeds and have noticed INCREDIBLE results. I cannot compare the vegetable garden to last year but FLOWER BEDSthe flowerbeds are outperforming those planted last year by about 200%. The foliage is a perfect green and the flowers are abundant. Same flowers, same planting location but this time a lot of aquarium water was used and the result was amazing. Further, if you happen to lose some fish, do not flush them. Dig them into your garden soil instead…


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