Exclusive for    Author: Max Jay, NTP Intern

5. There is less water on the planet now than previously.

This is entirely untrue. However, the planet’s population has been steadily increasing, giving us the impression that there is less water on the planet. Water is recycled through a complicated process that cleans and reuses essentially everything. In reality, there is the same amount of water on Earth now as there has always been, but the increasing population spreads the water far thinner than it has ever had to be. Many areas are looking into inexpensive desalination processes in order to compensate for this demand.

4. Water with vitamins is better for you than regular water.

We often see people running around with vitamin enriched water believing it is a healthier option. However, what the bright colors of the mineral waters don’t tell you is that they’re loaded with other stuff too, like sugars and artificial flavorings.

3. Drinking cold water causes cancer.

As ridiculous as it sounds, this myth has been circulating on Internet message boards and in chain emails for several years. The theory behind this urban legend is that drinking cold water after a meal allows fats to coagulate. Supposedly these coagulated fats adhere to the walls of the intestine and cause cancer. However, according to, “the internal heat of the human body quickly nullifies any temperature differences among the various items that have been swallowed.”

2. There are more pollutants in drinking water today than in the past.

Many people believe that the number of harmful substances in our water supply has increased exponentially within the past 25 years or so. While this is a logical assumption due to the increased use of automobiles and machinery that release toxins into the atmosphere, it is actually a false conception. In actuality, 25 years ago it merely seemed as though there were less pollutants in the drinking water due to the level of technology we had to detect them. Today, we have far more sensitive and sophisticated tests that allow us to know and understand more about our water than we have ever been able to in the past.

1. Bottled water is better and safer than tap water.

This is a common misconception. Sometimes bottled water can be healthier, but other times it’s just more marketable. In reality some of these bottled waters are just tap water that gets bottled and shipped out. Often times, if stored for too long, the chemicals used to make the plastic seep into the water, which is incredibly unsafe, especially if used multiple times. Obviously the FDA gives the companies a level of quality to maintain, however the tap requirements set by the EPA are very similar.


The one I like the best is the coloured flavored water fad. Nothing beats RainSoft Reverse Osmosis water cold with ice, nothing.


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