SAVES MONEY: RainSoft water PROTECTS my budget
1. Saves on soap products – requires less soap and allow use of affordable pure soaps
2. Saves on water – eliminates the need for bottled water and expensive, cumbersome filters
3. Saves on appliances & plumbing – my water appliances last longer; my water heater is more efficient
4. Saves on clothing – my clothes last longer and are easier to care for
5. Saves on beverages – I use less coffee, tea, Kool-aid and juices

HEALTHIER: RainSoft water DEFENDS my health
6. Reduces harsh chemicals such as chlorine from my household water
7. Drinking water filters can help eliminate unwanted impurities from drinking & cooking water
8. Clean water improves the flavor, health and appearance of foods and beverages
9. Clean water carries nutrients and disease – fighting antibodies to my body;
helps me control my weight

CLEANER: RainSoft water is a POWERFUL cleaning agent
10. Cleaner, softer, healthier skin – reduces need for lotions and medications
11. Shinier, easier-to-manage hair – reduces need for conditioners and expensive shampoos
12. Cleaner, softer clothers – no need for harsh chemicals that clog my machine and make me itch
13. Cleaner home and environment – no hard-water spots on mirrors L& glasses; less harsh cleaners
14. Dramatically easier cleaning – reduced soap-scum on shower walls, curtains, tubs & sinks

PROTECTS PLUMBING:  RainSoft water SAFEGUARDS my plumbing and appliances
15. Cleaner, longer lasting appliances, piping, and fixtures
16. Reduces clogging and calcium deposits in washing machines, dishwasher, water heaters, coffee makers, faucets, fixtures, garbage disposals, shower heads, toilets, lavatories, tubs, etc.

BETTER FOR CLOTHING:  RainSoft water PRESERVES my clothing, cheaply
17. Cleaner – I no longer need harsh detergents that make me itch
18. Softer – my clothes are softer and more comfortable to wear – no expensive fabric softeners
19. Longer-lasting – heavy cycles and harsh chemical detergents won’t break down fabrics

SAVES TIME AND ENERGY:  RainSoft water SAVES on housekeeping drudgery
20. Saves Time – I spend one-third less time for cleaning chores
21. Saves Energy & Consumables – I use less soap and hot water
22. Saves Effort – I no longer buy or carry heavy, inconvenient water bottles; I do less scrubbing

23. The wisest household investment of all – I am putting my money back into my home and family
24. Highest yield – I get a better financial return than on any other household investment I make.

25. I’ve received a magnificent value, a fabulous warranty, an ethical sales presentation, a professional installation, and impeccable service … for a lifetime!

RainSoft of Ottawa – Eternally Pure Water Systems, Inc

-5 Time Winner of Gold Consumers Choice Award

– A+ Rating Honour Roll Status with the Better Business Bureau


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