I received an impressive photo in my e-mail today from  Earth Science and just had to share – armchair travel or your next holiday.

This image was captured a couple of minutes after sunrise on September 27, 2011 from the Labyrinth campground on the western side of the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. The Sun is directly behind me and casts the shadow of the Green River valley rim onto the cliff face on the opposite side of the river. The stillness of the morning helped create a striking reflection on the river. A few minutes after this picture was taken it was business as usual for daytime in the park – bright, glaring, baking hot sun.

The Green River’s source is in the Green River Lakes on Gannett Peak, Wyoming’s highest mountain. In its 730 mi (1,175 km) course, the river has an average descent of 13 ft/mi (2m/km). It’s the largest tributary of the Colorado River system with a catchment area of 45,000 sq mi (116,500 km2). The greenish color of the water, and the river’s name, is most likely derived from the green soapstone in some of its banks.

Searching for more background information on  Canyonlands National Park led me to the Park’s Orientation video called ‘Rock Wilderness’.

Anyone into hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, or rafting looking for your next unforgettable holiday will be most interested in watching this video aboutn Utah’s Canyonlands National Park.

There is also a slide show presentation taken in Canyonlands National Park using heat sensitive and motion sensitive cameras. The goal of the project was to place two wildlife cameras in selected biologically rich areas, thus, in a non-intrusive manner, learn more about the mammals that live in the park.

Photographer: Stephen J. Gledhill; Stephen’s Web page

Summary Authors: Stephen J. Gledhill; Stu Witmer

Enjoy – from your friends at Rainsoft Ottawa.


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