At several of its data centers, Google is testing methods for recycling water from cooling systems.

In a couple of the data centers, Google is recycling 100 percent of such water, reports Geek.

The practice means that Google will be able to claim a lower impact on water supplies, an issue that figures to be more and more of a concern.

Joe Kava, Google’s Director of Operations, told Data Center Knowledge that, “Water consumption isn’t a side thought; it’s part of our larger environmental management policy. In the future this will be at the forefront of data center operations.”

Google views its water management as an important aspect of risk reduction, said Erik Teetzel, an Energy Program Manager at the firm.

A 15-megawatt data center can use more than 350,000 gallons of water a day.

By the end of 2010, Google said it is shooting to recycle as much as 80 percent of all water used in its data centers.

In addition to collecting rainwater, other ideas being pursued by Google are to tap into water from a canal and recycling municipal waste water. In both instances, Google said that by avoiding municipal tap water, it is easing demands on local infrastructure.

This Google Web page details its efforts in data center water management.

      Google’s data center water management video

You tube video


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