Video on the creative craftsmanship of New York’s rooftop water tanks:

As you will see in the videos, two companies in New York build water towers, both of which are family businesses in operation since the 1800s. Even though there are steel constructed tanks, wooden ones are preferred because they can be easily assembled and transported to rooftops in parts and cost less.

“Rosenwach Wood Water Tanks Help Shape The City Skyline”

“They’re a signature part of the city skyline, and even in the 21st century, wood water tanks still have a unique and necessary job here, providing water to millions of homes.” – NY1’s Jeanine Ramirez

The New York Times staff photographer Richard Perry took some great photos of Rosenwach putting up water tanks, which was part of his project photographing different products and companies still manufacturing in NYC.

  You can also watch a rooftop water getting a facelift:

Water tanks / water towers are a rooftop fixture of the New York City skyline and are the subject of fascination for many. But sometimes they need a facelift to repair the damage of the elements. This video shows one of these Manhattan fixtures getting a tune-up. Filmed in the late fall of 2011, it’s sped up 2.5X.

Time lapse of a water tank being built at 266 Riverside Drive, NYC. Shot & Edited by Ben Bryant

Safety falls a little lower on the priority scale when Discovery channel’s, Mike Rowe, assists a team of carpenters on top of a New York skyscraper.

In a thoughtful look back at his most challenging and hazardous apprenticeships, Mike makes a practical case for safety and reaffirms the critical role of individual responsibility in a dangerous world.

  See you back here tomorrow for Part 3:      

Word Above The Street organization’s

                               “The Water Project”, Spring 2013      


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