I came across a fantastic article entitled, “HOW MUCH WATER IS YOUR HOME WASTING?” on JETSON GREEN web site, written by Preston Koerner, the Founder /Chief Editor of Jetson Green. Mr. Koerner is a certified green professional, business attorney, entrepreneur, innovator and LEED AP living in the mountain area of Salt Lake City, Utah.

I hope you learn as much as I did by reading Preston’s article, which include the impressive graphs.  I’m sure you’ll be impressed enough to follow Preston on Facebook/Twitter or subscribe to the Newsletter. A number of Jetson Green videos are also posted on YouTube.

… Elocal created the graphic, “How Much Water is Your Home Wasting,” using feedback from its community of experts.  Here’s what the professionals said:

Wasting the Best 1%:


“It’s crazy but only 1% of the water on the planet is fresh and available for human consumption.  It makes no sense to frivolously waste what’s already scarce — especially when new water sources may be difficult and expensive to come by.”

Don’t Be Average:

“Save money and water with low-flow fixtures and appliances.  The average American family uses 127,000 gallons of water per year with fixtures and appliances, but there’s no good reason to be average.  Cut that number down with Energy Star or better appliances and low-flow, water-saving fixtures.”

How to Save Water:

Specifically, a good place to start is with water-efficient faucets, washers, showers, and toilets.  These measures will save money in the form of lower water and energy bills (i.e., using less energy to heat less water).

Benefits of Water Savings:

“If everyone uses less water, the savings obviously add up to some large figures — something like 5.4 million gallons of water and $11.3 million dollars per day.”


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