The Hollow (Thermoelectric) Flashlight – Google Science Fair

Ann Magosinski, a fifteen-year-old from Victoria, British Columbia, has created a simple LED flashlight powered by body heat.

Ann, a Grade 10 student, took second place overall at the Vancouver Island Science Fair with her project, the hollow flashlight, which runs on the heat from a human hand. She will be bringing the unique design to the Canada-Wide Science Fair in May.

Watch the video below to see Ann explain her amazing invention.

Update 28 June, 2013:  Ann won gold at the National Science Fair in Lethbridge with her project as well as the Energy Challenge Award and prizes to boot. She has been selected as a finalist – and the only representative from Canada in the Google Science Fair 2013!


In order for the flashlight to be powered by body energy, Ann used Peltier tiles – a device that produces energy when one side is heated and another side is cooled. Apparently, the light can last for about 20 minutes.

In depth article – CBC news ~

Congratulations on your brilliant invention! 

Good Luck to you Ann.  Bring home the award.


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