New Octopus Behavior ~ Unbelievable!!!


DR. JULIAN FINNVeined Octopus, Amphioctopus marginatus, showing sophisticated tool use behaviour. Footage shot by Dr Julian Finn of Museum Victoria.  Uploaded on 14 Dec 2009

Link to Dr. Finn’s background and current activities with Museum Victoria ~

Octopus Uses Tools
The veined octopus gathers and stcks discarded cocnut shells, then transports them across the sea floor to use as shelter.

The Crafty Coconut Octopus, published on 27 Jan 2013 by reefIDFifer.  The Coconut octopus has learned to use a coconut shell as a true mobile home.

The subject of animal intelligence has been touched on in a previous list by Andrew Handley—and it’s a subject which is often uncomfortable for those who like to think of humans as a separate, special kind of creature. Unfortunately for these people, it is impossible to deny that animals are intelligent—and often much more so than we have generally given them credit for.

One of the most startling cognitive abilities demonstrated by animals is their ingenious use of tools. Here is an example of animals who have found that nature did not equip them as well as it might have—and who have thus made up the shortfall themselves.

 Octopus Opens Jar: Promo – uploaded on 16 Sep 2010 – A clever octopus opens a screw-top jar to get at dinner inside. “Aliens of The Sea” airs September 23 2010 on CBC-TV…

Octopuses Build Mobile Homes

1. Coconut-Octopus-Glowing-Veined-Octopus-Amphioctopus-Marginatus Ts

Humans are very vertebrate-centric in their conception of the animal hierarchy. But there are many surprisingly intelligent animals to be found among those species lacking backbones; the minds of octopuses, in particular, are being studied rather rigorously at present, because these animals are such good problem solvers.

IMAGE10They’re so clever, in fact, that under UK law, octopuses are considered honorary vertebrates in terms of their legal protections. Octopuses use their supple bodies to slide into tight places in pursuit of food, but a soft body is little protection from predators. The veined octopus has been observed actively solving this vulnerability problem, by digging up coconut shells and using them as shelter. They have been seen squeezing into the empty shells and carrying them as they “walk” along the seabed, safe from attack.


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