This Simple Test Will Blow 98% Of People’s Minds. You Other 2%… Well, You’re Weird.


The following is a reblog of Viralnova’s April 30, 2014 post – many thanks!!! htttp://www.viralnova.com is one of my favorite sites that I subscribe to – check it out.

RED_GREENThis is a simple test, but what happens at the end will probably blow your mind. It happens to be one of those cool things that no one can really explain, but is totally fascinating. It isn’t hard science, but you need to try it and see for yourself.

SMILEY2Don’t write anything down or use a calculator. This is just simple arithmetic… 

math test

WALKINGAre you in overwhelming percentage that thought “red hammer?”
What about “red” or “hammer?”
If you’re in that 2% that thought of something else, you have to show others this.

O.k. so my mind’s blown – to my astonishment ‘red hammer’ was my answer – at least I’m not in the “weird” category.

I would love to know how we’re drawn to answer this way.

Read more at http://www.viralnova.com/neat-test/#4GDXsgWpPgXz2d4m.99



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