Chinese Acrobatic Performance ~ Excellence in Motion!


This acrobatics performance is outstanding!

Excellence in motion!

The most impressive Acrobatics Performance I’ve ever watched!

The following YouTube video, “2014 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Year of the Horse acrobatics “Meng” Zhang Wan Li Tong” published on Jan 30, 2014  is best watched in full screen mode.

China Central Television Spring Festival, usually referred to as the CCTV Spring Festival!  China Central Television is the annual Lunar New Year’s Eve night in celebration of the Chinese New Year Gala organized variety of! Spring Festival at the scale of the show, the cast, the long-time broadcast audience ratings at home and abroad, a total world record of China Association hit most of the world’s three World Variety Show! World Chinese Association of World Records named the top-rated variety show; longest time variety show broadcast world; the world’s largest cast variety show.

This is definitely one performance that I will save for future viewing.
Please share with your family and friends.
Have a great weekend.


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