Dogs and Puppies ~ Snow and Ice ~ Funny!


WATER DROPLET HAPPY ICON GIMPCROPPEDWith winter set in and a few snow storms behind us already, we’re now experiencing a lengthy cold spell.  I for one don’t plan to skate, ski, snow shoe, toboggan, or engage in any of winters’ outdoor activities (not a fan of frostbite).  

So call me an armchair winter enthusiast as I chuckle away at our furry friends frolicking in these videos as they cavort in the snow and try to keep it all together on slippery icy surfaces.  

For you outdoor enthusiasts – when you return from your activities why not watch these hilarious antics, while sharing a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Enjoy you weekend.

Running, jumping, playing, these dogs just can’t get enough of snow, it’s so fun!

Funny dogs and cats playing in the snow – Funny animal compilation, published on Dec 17, 2013

Here’s a compilation about funny animals ( dogs, cats, ducks…) that have some problems on ice. They slip, fall through ice and so on…

Funny dogs and cats playing in the snow – published on Oct 31, 2013




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