Friday Fun With Words ~ Contronyms Part II

 Hi and welcome back for Part II of last Friday’s blog, “Friday Fun With Words ~ Contronyms”
To add seed (“seeding the lawn”) or to remove seed (“seeding a watermelon”)
Image result for lease    Image result for leaseLease
To rent property or to offer property for rent
The original, perfect example or a copy
select the hide option Image result for Screen -  to show (like a movie)Screen
To hide or to show (like a movie)
Image result for turn off the light Image result for operating (the alarm went off)  Off
Not operating (turn off the light) or operating (the alarm went off)
Image result for Visible (the stars are out)  Out
Visible (the stars are out) or invisible (the lights are out)
Image result for overlook  Image result for to fail to noticeOverlook
To watch or to fail to notice
WATCHFUL  Image result for poor supervisionOversight
Watchful, responsible care or a mistake made due to forgetfulness or poor supervision
To skim or to read very carefully
Image result for baseball Strike To hit   Image result for strike 3 and you're out  Strike
To hit or to miss while trying to hit
To add (decorations) or to take away (extra hair or fabric, for example)
Image result for weather the storm  Image result for to be worn awayWeather
To withstand or to be worn away

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