Butterflies – Amazing Epic Journey

MONARCH ICONOn a late August morning just north of Lake Huron a miracle of nature unfolds ~ a tiny yellow, black and white striped caterpillar destined to become a monarch butterfly begins its life journey.  

MONARCH ICONIn the  most amazing transformation the caterpillar sheds its skin four times. The fifth time the caterpillar disappears and is transformed into a chrysalis – a delicate case in which a completely new being takes form. 

MONARCH ICONAfter 10 days the new creature is complete.  All traces of caterpillar are gone and in its place is a butterfly with four delicate wings.

MONARCH ICONThe new monarch butterfly must wait a few hours for its wings to harden and then finally it can fly.

The following video, “World’s Most Beautiful Butterflies” posted to Youtube by the Documentary tv network June 20, 2014 is a must see. The scenery, narration, videography, etc. all magnificently done!



MONARCH ICONThis is by far one of the most memorable video presentations I have watched.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  Its one that I will bookmark to watch again.   I am amazed and thrilled to have had the opportunity of following this epic journey.











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