The Drinkable Book.

02_Drinkable_Book_Front_AngleFrom WaterCanada September/October 2015 we have an article by Andre Voshart,Turning the page on Filtration. The article looks at the work of Dr. Theresa Dankovich with respect to an product that she is developing, The Drinkable Book.

Contaminated water  consumption causes millions of deaths each year…primarily among children. Dr. Dankovich discovered and developed an inexpensive , simple, and easily transportable nanotechnology based method to purify drinking water. Each page of the Drinkable book is impregnated with bacteria killing metal nanoparticles. Silver and other similar metals have been known to have the ability to kill bacteria, but no one have put them into paper to purify drinking water. While at McGill, she found sheets of thick filter paper embedded with silver nanoparticles could do just that…later Dr. Dankovich expanded the repertoire of embedded nanoparticles to include inexpensive copper, and began field trials in various African communities and Haiti. They found that even with highly contaminated water, with their silver and copper impregnated paper, they achieved 99.9% purity. Bacteria levels were comparable to U.S. drinking water.05_Drinkable_Book_Angle_Tear

Dr. Dankovich has formed a non profit, pAge Drinking Paper. The product is essentially a book made of pages embedded with silver nanoparticles. Water safety information is printed in English , and the language where the filter is to be used. Each page can be removed and installed into a special holding device in which water is poured through and filtered. Amazingly, one page can filter up to 100 liters of water. and a book can filter one person’s water needs for four years!07_Drinkable_Book_Water_Pour

Work continues on developing the product, and scaling .up from a research project to a manufactured product. Cool chemistry reaching out to the millions of contaminated water consumers world wide.                                                    If you want to find out more on this product click on the link for more details:


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