An Update on Pipe Wall Assessment Technology


Repair and preemptive  maintenance is one of the difficulties of asset management. Municipalities  require screening tools to check on the condition of their assests in the ground..for instance metallic water pipes.  This need to maintain and repair can be costly in both time and money.Watermain 3

In response t0 this need Pure Technologies has developed pipe wall assessment (PWA) technology. It is the first inline condition screening tool for metallic pipelines. Two versions of this tool are for shorter distances and one for longer. The latest technologies provide exceptional low resolution data, precision, and control. This provides municipalities with affordable screening in a timely and efficient manner.Watermain 2

Most pipelines in Canada are metal. To maintain Canada’s utility infrastructure will require effective inspection tools. Early detection of a section of pipe being under duress can pay big financial dividends.

A large diameter watermain failure can cost around $8million. With early detection municipalities can get to a problem before it becomes a big problem. Forecasting for budgetary purposes becomes easier. Some leeks can go unseen for years, with every litre of lost water costing the utility.Watermain 5

One can only imagine amount of old water pipes in the ground in Canadian towns and cities that will require service at some point.

Pure SmartBall PWA

Taken from an article in July/August 2015 WaterCanada. Drinking Water: Pipe Wall Assessment Technology, Katie Yantzi.


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