The Ultrerefiner II



The Rainsoft Ultrerefiner II is a premium  reverse osmosis drinking water system. With this system comes confidence knowing that you are providing your family with the finest drinking water system available.

Rainsoft systems are noted for being highly efficient and effective in delivering superior drinking water to your family. The Ultrerefiner II utilizes 3 high quality multi-stage filters designed to address virtually any drinking water concern.

The first filter is a carbon block sediment pre-filter which reduces the chlorine levels and removes most particles as small as 10 microns.

The second is a membrane cartridge that filters on a molecular level to reduce unwanted inorganic solids such as lead, chromium, and copper.

The last filter is a carbon block sediment post filter that reduces harmful Volatile Organic compounds that pose a threat to human health and the environment.

Let’s listen in as Martin Barrett, Owner and Operator of Rainsoft Eternally Pure Water Systems, Ottawa, takes you through this equipment.

If this product would be of interest to you contact Martin at 613-742-0058 for further details.


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