The Rainsoft UV System

solutionThe Rainsoft RCUV Ultraviolet water disinfection system incorporates the time tested technology of ultraviolet light to reduce some of the most common microorganisms found in water, without the use of chemicals or chemical by products.

How does the RCUV work?

The unit gets installed on your home’s main water line. The water passes through the UV chamber, where many bacteria and viruses are killed or rendered harmless by direct exposure to the UV light. A few short seconds exposure to UV light requires less energy than a typical household light bulb. The only servicing required is the annual replacement of the UV lamp. Visual and audible alarms let you know in advance when the UV lamp is in need of replacement.

Unlike, chemicals there are no unwanted residuals or by products in the water. Since there are no chemicals the taste, clarity, or odor is not affected.

Check out this video as Martin Barrett, Owner and Operator of Rainsoft Eternally Pure Water Systems walks us through the Rainsoft UV System.


If you have an interest in a UV system call Martin Barrett at Rainsoft Eternally Pure Water Systems in Ottawa at 613-742-0058.


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