BPA…Eliminating/ Reducing Exposure

plastic bottlesThere are health concerns around Bisphenol A (BPA) found in certain water bottles, canned foods, and food storage containers. Seemingly innocent hard plastic items have been linked to serious health problems, from tumors to the feminization of males, caused by BPA.plastic7

BPA is a heavily used industrial compound used in the manufacture of plastics and resins. Polycarbonate plastics carry the No.7 recycling symbol, and BPA is widely used in many products from carpets to eyeglasses. It has recently caught our attention when it was shown to leach out of the plastic bottles and cans lines with BPA epoxy resins.plastic bottles2

There is enough concern that the Government of Canada, is proposing to ban polycarbonate baby bottles, which are the primary source of BPA exposure for this age group, when hot or boiling liquids are added. Initial assessments also show that low levels of BPA can affect fish and organisms over time. Studies have shown it to be present in municipal waste water.  Government s are now moving forward with the various stakeholders to find ways to make sure BPA is not released into the environment.plastic codes

The typical North American lifestyle exposes us to BPA everyday. Here is how we can diminish or even eliminate exposure to BPA.

  1. do not use bottles made of polycarbonate…stay away from bottles with the recycling no.7 on the bottom.
  2. use glass baby bottles
  3. reduce canned food use.
  4. avoid using plastic wrap.
  5. avoid bottled water.
  6. ensure dental sealants do not contain BPA.
  7. a good alternative to polycarbonate is polyethylene terephthalate (recycling no.1)

BPA in plastics: CNN report:

…Wait for the end for a bit about Canada in the CNN report.

Rainsoft Reverse Osmosis:


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