Water Is….

RAINSOFTWater is emerging as one of the single most important resources of planet Earth. Already scarce in many areas, it has become the new “gold” to be bought , coveted, cherished, hoarded, and abused worldwide. It is currently being traded on the Stock Exchange.Nina

Water Is..by Nina Munteanu

On sale May 2016 at Amazon, Chapters, Barnes and Noble, and other quality bookstores. Internationally published author, teacher, and limnologist Nina Munteanu explores one of the most important substances of Earth. Part History , part science, and part philosophy, Water Is… combines her personnel journey, as a limnologist, mother, artist, and ecologist– with scientific discovery that explores water’s many identities..and ultimately our own.

What does water mean to you?

The Meaning of Writing and Water :with author Nina Munteanu

for more information on Nina check out the website themeaningofwater.com





One response to “Water Is….

  1. Thank you for this post! The book “Water Is…” will be released May 10 and will hopefully contribute to an ever greater dialogue on water and how it participates in so much of our lives and well-being. I look forward to readers comments. #WhatIsWater …

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