The Ontario Ground Water Association

ground water pumpApproximately 3 million in Ontario rely on ground water as their primary source of potable water. Ground water is often the only source of clean water for drinking , farming , and manufacturing. A number of municipalities rely on ground water as the major source for their citizens drinking water. For those of you who have a well get to know the Ontario Ground Water Association(OGWA). They are dedicated to protecting and promoting Ontario’s most precious resource…ground water. The OGWA was created as a non profit in 1952 to facilitate the various sectors of the ground water industry coming together for the delivery of safe and clean water supplies throughout the province.well drill

Well Drillers, Environmental/ Geotechnical Drillers, Pump Installers, Manufacturers and Suppliers,  and Scientists and Engineers make up the 5 divisions of ground water professionals. If you are in need of the services of a ground water pro this organization’s directory could be a good place to start your searchRAINSOFT

The OGWA website has content rich resource section. Great info on associations, government, links to further info , and research are available.  The Well Wise Testing page is a good one to review. You can download information on rural well water testing packages, why test your water, and what should I test for?News letters and annual events are also offered.

… if ground water is important to you get to know the OGWA and the services they have for you.






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