World Vision Canada and Water

World Vision 1In this blog we would like to feature World Vision Canada and highlight some important programs they have and how you can support them.

Over 663 million people do not have access to adequate sanitation. World Vision works with communities to prevent illness and death through simple interventions, including the provision of clean water, proper sanitation, and hygiene education. 2 million people have been reached with improved water access-a 10 fold increase from 5 years ago. 278,295 people have benefitted from constructed or rehabilitated water points for household use. 218,956 people have been educated on sanitation and hygiene.  These are all achievements made possible thanks to the generous support of World Vision Donors in Vision 2

World Vision also has Canadian programs you can get involved with. There are 56 projects impacting child poverty in 6 cities across Canada. 250 leaders have been trained and equipped. 69,000 children have been reached through partnerships with 101 community based organizations and churches. This has all been made possible by the generous support of World Vision Canada donors in 2015.

Due to our interest in water at Rainsoft, we would like to draw your attention to their Clean Water Program. Millions of children miss school days because they are either collecting water or sick from water borne illnesses. World Vision has decades of experience providing clean water to children and their communities, seeing first hand the amazing transformations clean water can bring.

Can you help a child get clean water? Check out the World Vision web site to find out how…

World Vision: Well Water Commercial:



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