Flint: A Follow Up

what is in it?

what is in it?

When the Flint , Michigan water crisis first hit we wrote a blog about it. The story is not going away, so let’s take a look at what is going on today.

Criminal charges have been filed against 3 men, possible prison time awaits. This is a milestone in the development of this crisis that has been years in the making, harmed thousands and cast a harse spotlight on the infrastructure issues across the country. According to the State Attorney General these charges are only the beginning…”no one is above the law”.

Flint Water Crisis Officials Appear in Court:

To recap, two years ago in a move to save money, the state switched Flint’s water supply from Lake Huron to the notorious Flint River. Michigan’s Dept. of Environmental Quality failed to treat the corrosive water properly…with the eventual leaching of lead into the drinking water. Flint Water

One group of investigators has concluded that the government failed at every level to protect the citizens of Flint. The three presently charged are from a relatively low level. Accusations include, misleading federal regulatory officials, manipulating water sampling, and tampering with reports, and more.

The State made the decision to switch the water, yet city officials were involved with treating the water. Over 50 lawsuits have been filed. One class action lawsuit states that residents have suffered skin lesions, hair loss, vision loss, memory loss, depression , and anxiety. there are also concerns about miscarriages, imminent learning disabilities, and Legionnaires Disease.Flint Water 2

It has been months since this story broke yet Flint’s water supply is still not safe. Lead contamination levels still exceed guidelines. Residents are still drinking bottles water, and using filters to wash their hands, …and hoping they are not being poisoned by the shower. SHOWER

Heads are staring to roll, how many and how far the investigation will go is yet to be determined. It is the people of Flint who will have suffered the most and will continue to suffer moving forward. How much trust  do you have in your own local water supply?

Erin Brockovich Explains the Flint Water Crisis:


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