Waste Water…What is New?

waste water 1 Waste water treatment is probably not that high in the public’s consciousness ….until it goes badly…so what is being done today to ensure we stay on top of this situation?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In order to push forward waste water technologies ,having access to waste water treatment plants has in the past been a bit of a barrier. Getting new products or innovations tested in real life situations is crucial to virtually any scenario, including how to deal with waste water.waste water2

Once it was difficult to gain access to municipal waste water plants…building relationships, getting ministry approvals, find space , electrical considerations, and plumbing. Many hurdles to be jumped in order to get a technology to market.

The good news is that over the past decade several facilities have come on line that offer the opportunity for industry and researchers to access waste water in active treatment plants. There are now facilities in London, Guelph, Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton. The public probably don’t think of it too much ,but there has been a real shift in waste water treatment towards biosolid reduction and processes like nutrient and biogas recovery.waste water5

Each site has it’s own strengths and focus, allowing users to access a broad range of waste water scenario’s. Industry and researchers are given access to real time municipal waste water at various flow rates and process streams, allowing users to install test, demonstrate, and validate new waste water treatment technologies. Waste water treatment plants are specialized tools that are not easy to come by , but now access to real life test tracks  are possible. New products can now be more easily demonstrated to clients, clients become more educated, and the product more effectively marketed.waste water 4

By providing cutting edge infrastructure and equipment, we are ensuring that Canada stays at the fore front waste water technology innovation.  Thanks to all that are making sure that waste water management is something we in Canada don’t have to think about too much.

Ottawa Lemieux Island Water Treatment Plant. Part 1 and 2



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