The Watly Solar Hub

Just saw this exciting new technology in the news.


The Watly Solar Hub is billed as the “world’s largest solar powered computer.” It can provide electricity, clean water, and internet service…and in the process transforming huge areas of rural Africa. There are some 625 million people in sub saharan Africa with no power, which is roughly 2/3 of the population..while 39% lack safe water.Watly2

This technology is an infrastructure solution. It captures solar energy and turns it into electricity. This power then is used to run a water treatment system using a graphene based filtering process, before the water is boiled and distilled. Up to 5000 liters of safe drinking water  can be produced daily. The power will also be used to fire up a built-in internet connectivity hub, providing free wireless internet access in a 800m radius, and charging station for cell phones.Watly 3

With this new technology we can expect huge economic and social benefits, especially in Africa. A prototype has been tested in Ghana..with plans to grow into Nigeria and Sudan. In 8yrs the hope is to have 10,000 units up and running providing an increase in standards of living, including 50,000 jobs in  construction and maintenance.Watly4

We can only wish the best for Watly with their Solar Hub, and can only imagine that they are in the vanguard of new technologies to come.

Watly : the next Big Thing.


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