What are Water Utilities Biggest Challenges?

lake mead1

How to manage drought?

Major challenges are ahead for the water utility industry. Management, design , and public interest are in the forefront with clear solutions in some areas ..while other solutions lie in murky water.

tidal power5

Cutting edge designs


Public Interest                          Big steps forward in water management are being made in places where they have big challenges with drought. We don’t have this issue, so those facing drought are pushing the edge forward. We don’t think about water until there is a problem ..and then the legacy of Walkerton, and now Flint put water in the forefront of public scrutiny. If we have not had to deal with the effects of long term drought then getting people to understand the importance of water quality and delivery is a bit of a “so what”.

The water industry is facing a talent gap. Many skilled field workers are getting towards the end of their careers. leaving newbies to keep up the aging systems. If the information that is the the old timers heads is not recorded or properly documented much will be lost. Standardization and protocols need to be developed or take a new direction with new design and innovation.

In looking at new designs for our water facilities and systems our want for innovation has to been tempered with the need to last, to be durable. Ontario has done well in this area, however in order to move forward perhaps we should be looking around the world to see how other utilities are handling their situations. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel , but borrow the ideas and adapt them for ourselves. We are also blessed with some great engineering programs in our schools, some great minds will be entering the industry.waste water2

Being ready for worst case scenarios is necessary in an era of increasingly unpredictable weather. Can your water system handle floods or shortages, or even polar vortexes? Waste water could be looked at as a resource, not as something to be thrown out…filtration, reuse, energy reclamation, and nutrient input make more sense than dumping.Lufa4

We will be needing water for a long time to come…let’s get excited about it….

Envisioning a Water Sensitive Future for Our Cities:

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