Water Robots…

With the increasing sophistication of robots and artificial intelligence ..in evidence self driving cars and robots able to defeat humans at complex logic games, what is their future in the management of water?robot1

First up, we have the PureRobotics  crawler, designed to navigate , inspect and monitor water main pipes. Through the use of scanners and lasers it can measure pipe size and corrosion levels. it has the capacity to provide us real time data in hd. It can not repair, but provides a safe and accurate inspection.robot1

Removing lead from water. A research team at the Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems has a proof of concept  graphene based micro bot capable of removing lead from water. Hundreds of these mini robots(15-20 microns in length), are said to remove lead in water from 1,000ppb to 50ppb in 60 minutes. The tubular shaped bots have layers that treat the water , the cleaned water ejected out the back to propel it through the water.

Professors at LSU identified a problem of bird predation at catfish farms. Fish farmers were having to resort to poisons or shooting birds to combat the birds agressively looking for lunch. A solar powered boat was developed that has cameras, GPS, and a software program that detects the presence of birds and moves accordingly. They can also track water temps, and dissolved oxygen which are two factors that have a direct impact on aquatic life.

Bird Control Lasers:

Venice’s famous waterways face pollution. Scientists there are developing, a long term system of automated swarm bots. These bots will collect temperature, salinity, pH, and particle data. There are three types of robots..aMussels, afish, and aPads. The design of these robots is inspired by their namesakes, as evolution has provided them with a physical character to deal with their environment. The aPads robot acts as a docking station, where the fish and mussels can dock, recharge , and communicate their findings.

A swarm of One Thousand Robots:

In the unmanned surface vehicle category a Chinese company has developed a USV that monitors water quality. and can produce a water quality map in real time. At only 20 cms in length it is easily deployable when responding to emergency spill accidents or rough weather. It also  has various probes and ultrasonic sensors to detect physical obstacles.

A long range endurance marine unmanned surface vehicle:

These are just a few of the cutting edge technowledgies that are out there. Science will be a huge determining factor in how we manage water moving forward.


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