What Is The Hydrologic Cycle?

Simple enough question…but what is it?water Cycle

Since the beginning of time water has been a constant in quantity and motion. Little has been gained or lost over the eons. water cycle1

The Hydrologic Cycle begins with Evaporation: As water evaporates from the Oceans and Lakes it cools , condenses and forms clouds. Moisture is thus transported around the globe  until it is returned in the form of Precipitation. Once on the ground two things occur, evaporation and or the water may penetrate the earth to become groundwater. Groundwater then seeps it’s way back into the lakes ,rivers and oceans, or gets back into the atmosphere through Transpiration. Transpiration is water being absorbed in plants/trees and evaporates into the environment from there. The balance of water that remains on earth’s surface becomes runoff which ends up in the streams, lakes ,rivers , and oceans…and the cycle begins again.

The Hydrologic Cycle

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