Dead Fish on Quebec’s Yamaska River.

YamaskaOn July 3rd it was reported that tens of thousands of fish in the Yamaska River around Ste. Hyacinthe had turned up dead. Wildlife officials had collected samples, but the determination of cause had not been discovered as yet. Sewers, agriculture, and the construction industry were being looked at as likely culprits. Yamaska 3

The combination of high temperatures, low water levels,no rain, and water usage are also possibles issues. The lack of rain means the water levels are really low, which can lead to a lot of organic matter in the water, which needs oxygen to break down , leaving little for the fish. Yamaska1

….and now what happened…the City of Ste. Hyacinthe released a statement that work related to the expansion of the water treatment plant was the likely cause. There was a”planned overflow of waste water” into the river. An estimated 8.5 million litres of sewage was released over a 48 hour period around June 28th. Essentially 10% of the river’s flow was sewage. yammy

Low water levels and high organic matter seem like smoke and mirrors…when 10% of the water is raw sewage. Obviously, bad decisions were made…and investigation is ongoing. Looks like the City of Ste. Hyacinthe tried to do what montreal did last winter , but with horrible results. If found guilty there could be a fine of up to $10,000.

Mystery of the Dead Fish in Quebec:

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