Air into Water

Majid2Canadian researchers have come up with a machine that can turn the humidity in the air into drinkable water.

Simon Fraser University professor Majid Barhami has spent 3 yrs developing the Hybrid Atmospheric Water Generator.  With this unit and future models they hope to be able to help solve the world’s water crisis. The prototype is slightly larger than a small fridge. Majid

The atmosphere always has a bit of humidity in it…they have even  been able to make water in desert like conditions. This new patent pending technology can make between 19 to 40 litres a day anywhere it is. Bahrami says there is no fear of running out of atmosphere as it replenishes itself automatically.  Humidity can be harvested for human consumption.


Harvesting Water from the Atmosphere.

The unit presently works off electricity , but future designs will include solar panels.


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