Olympic Green??

Div4We have written a couple of posts with respect to the potential water issues that plague Rio due to raw sewage and junk being put in the Ocean right in areas where competitions will be held. Dive5

But here is a new twist . The start of the women’s 10m synchronised diving was in jeopardy due to the green hue of the water. Dive3

On Monday the water had been the standard glimmering blue that we all know, but something happened on Tuesday that caused the water to change color to green and actually deepen in color as the competition wore on. Dive

At the time of writing this there has been no publicised reason for this. Some explanations have ranged from algae to urine. Olympic officials tested the water and assured the divers there was no health risk. the competition carried on , but people were scratching their heads. Dive2

Hopefully this situation will be cleared up in time for the next event.


Canada Wins Bronze:


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