Bottles. Wells, and Big Business

plastic bottlesNestle recently was looking at  some land in Elora , Ontario…but it is not the land they were after , but what was underneath it. The property comes with a 110 metre well and the rights to pump 1300 litres of water per minute. PRIVATE WELLS

Some local water organizations opposed this development..with one of the agruements being that industrial users of water pay only $3.71 per million litres of water, while local Elora residents pay $2.14 per thousand litres…576 times higher.

Nestle and other companies that bottle water and the people that oppose them are battling over the central issue of ownership of a scarce resource. Bottled water is big the last two decades Nestles bottles water sales have gone from $400 million to approx $4 billion. There has been a shift away from carbonated soft drinks to bottled water. with the growth of this market Nestle controls most of the production capacity with 75 wells in 40 locations in North America. used plastic used plastic2

With this dominance comes the attention of environmental non governmental organizations that decry the use of plastic bottles and point out the incredibly low fees the company pays for the water it bottles.

So next time you are going into a store and purchase a litre or water for $1 or $2..consider the real costs, better to bottle your own Rainsoft filtered water at home and take it with you.

The Story of Bottled Water:

some information taken from a Globe and Mail article , Nov 30 ,2015. Water Fight.




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