Microplastics polluting the Ottawa River.

mIcrobeadsScientists from the Ottawa River Keepers and Carleton University, and have sampled sites on the Ottawa from Timiskaming  to Hudson, Quebec for microplastics. 24 sites over a 500k stretch were looked at and 100% of the samples contained these man made particles…this is an issue.

Microplastics act like a sponge and soak up contaminants in the water which are then consumed by fish and crustaceans…and now enter our food chain.

Microbeads 2These microplastics come from such things as beauty products, synthetic fabrics, or from larger pieces of plastics that have broken down. Microplastics are in the process of being banned by the federal gov’t right now.

Interestingly one about the Ottawa River is they are finding a lot of blue fibers, so they are trying to track down where they come from. The research continues into September, finding out how many microplastics are in the river, then where they are collecting , and lastly what their sources are.



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