In the News…Nova Scotia First Nation Water Problem

potlotekThe Potlotek First Nation of Cape Breton is protesting ongoing dirty water issues.A thick black liquid is coming out of their taps and they are looking for government intervention. one of the residents said she showered with rust or dirt or metal or whatever it was….the water did not change color until halfway through the shower.

Everyone now has to use bottled water to brush their teeth,rinse baby bottles, and take sponge baths because they don’t trust the tap water. potlotek1

The crazy thing is their is not a boil water advisory in place. The workers at the water treatment plant test the water several times a day, and it meets Health Canada standards…but they won’t drink it themselves.


The band manager, Lindsay Marshall, knows there is iron an manganese in the water. They know thick black liquid has to do with the silt in the pipes and water tower that has built up over the years. They are also aware that leaves and other biomass get into the open water source where the drinking water originates. They have had water tower freezes, pumps break, and gone weeks without water.

The fix is expensive, and could take years…


The hope is that the Prime Minister will keep his promise to spend $141.7 million to eliminate water issues on First Nations reserves across Canada. The issues are real , the need is now..the feds have to step up ASAP.




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