Ottawa: Proposed Water Rate Changes…

stormwater5Ottawa is getting a look at the proposed water, waste water, and storm water rates before they come up for debate at city hall.

The proposed changes will see rural homes with private wells and sewer pay $1 a month…gradually moving up to $4 a month in 2020. The new rate structure is being released so the public can see it before it comes before the councillors. stormwater-pic

The full documents are available online for review. Time is being set aside at the October 18th environmental committee meeting for the public to share their views. ground water pump

In March and April public consultations were held, it was in rural communities that this issue has been most controversial. The proposals would have rural residents contribute to storm water infrastructure costs. What was proposed is charging a fixed rate in addition to the rate based water consumption fees used currently and creating a separate storm water fee for property owners that do not pay for water services at this time.

Quite a few residents have voiced their displeasure at this structure. Ottawa City Council Chamber

Residents can register to speak as public delegations at the October 18th, committee meeting. , where councillors will discuss the staff report. To register to speak for up to 5 minutes on the topic residents must preregister with Christopher Zwierzchowski at

Let your voice be heard. For more details on the rate structure and a draft of the report go to

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