Introducing the Water Seer

The Water Seer is a new device that promises to provide 11 gallons of safe drinking water per day without an external power source. This device relies on simple condensation to collect clean water from the atmosphere. This amazing new device can potentially run forever as it is powered by a simple wind turbine, giving fresh water to generations of people who live in a harsh climate or lack of infrastructure makes access to fresh water a big problem.

The Water Seer is planted with the base 6 or more feet below the surface, the earth is then packed around it’s metal neck. The top of the Water Seer holds a vertical wind turbine which spins internal fan blades that draw air into the subterranean chamber. By being 6 ft or more into the ground the chamber is cooled by the surrounding earth….and water condenses in the reservoir to create sort of a artificial well which drinking water can be drawn from.seer

2.3 million people on Earth lack regular access to safe drinking water. Here is a low cost device that can collect up to 11 gallons of water a day. If several of the Water Seer units were installed in an area they could supply a small village. The device has already been tested as a prototype, and the latest model finalized in August of 2016.

Sounds like a great new technology that could affect the lives of many people for the better.



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