1.5 Billion Year Old Water Found in Canada

old-waterResearchers from Canada and the United Kingdom have discovered ancient water pockets deep underground in Ontario. In  their story published in Nature magazine they state that the water could be some of the oldest on earth and may even contain life. Interestingly there is a similarity between the rocks where it was found and rocks found on Mars. Perhaps water is trapped in this similar rocks on the red planet.

The water was found to be rich in dissolved gases such as helium, neon , argon, and xenon. There appears to be as much hydrogen in the water as there is around hydrothermal vents found deep in the ocean, many which team with life. hydrogen and methane come from the interaction between the rock and the water. These gases could provide energy to microscopic life that has not seen the light of day for a very long time.

The crystalline rocks in which the water was found are thought to be 2.7 billion yrs old….and using cutting edge science have determined the water to be at least 1.5 billion yrs old.


The finding is hugely interesting to researchers who want to understand how microbes develope in isolation, is central to the question as to the origin of life, the sustainability of life, life in extreme situations , and life on other planets.



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