David Suzuki on his “last great fight”

david-suzuki-wordfest-2015-june-16David Suzuki , one of Canada’s leading voices on environmental issues over the lat 50 yrs, says he is engaged in the “last great fight of his life”. The goal is to have environmental rights for all Canadians enshrined in the Constitution. by being committed to the Constitution environmental policies can not be overturned by the hottest political flavor…for example we look to the present situation in the U.S.


Donald Trump has said climate change is a myth, or that it was a concept started by the Chinese to make american manufacturing less competative. In Canada much legislation had been developed since the 1960’s on navigable waters, environmental assessments, and indeed much progressive environmental legislation was overturned…almost overnight by the Harper government.

A change has to be made permanent in our charter of rights and freedoms.

David is hopeful the our current Prime Minister will overturn those changes made by the Harper government. Trudeau is saying good things, and supports the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. However, this talk of pipelines means more burning of fossil fuels, especially tar sand fossil fuel. The problem in Mr. Suzuki’s eyes is that if Justin is serious about the Paris Agreement the tar sands and the pipelines” has got to be off the agenda”.

Certainly Justin has a tough balancing act to try to get things done.

The global climate agreement calls for limiting the temperature rise since the industrial revolution to below 2 degrees Celsius. At present the UN weather agency considers we are at 1.2 degrees above preindustrial times…we are close to the tipping point. This underscores why we must quickly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other green house gases.

At 80 yrs old David is considering what kind of world he and his generation will be leaving to their grandchildren. “We need clean air, clean water , and clean food to survive. Kids know that, but a lot of adults have forgotten that”


If interested in finding out more check out the David Suzuki Foundation and the Blue Dot movement.


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