Swimming the Dead Sea

dead_sea_sunset25 swimmers from around the world swam the soupy , salty waters of the Dead Sea to draw attention to environmental degradation. For the seven hour swim the swimmers required protective snorkels and masks to protect themselves from the effects of the salty waters which can be painful on the eyes and deadly to ingest.

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth at 423 metres below sea level and it is shrinking. Environmentalists blame unsustainable water management and over exploitation of the lakes minerals.  The water level has dropped by 25 metres over the last three decades.

Of the 25 swimmers who started only three did not finish, 2 had dehydration , one had the chills. As they faster swimmers approached the finish they stopped and waited for the others so they would all finish together.

Who knows if we are not careful they will soon be having foot races across the salt flats.


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