The Big Six

Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

Every year Water Canada publishes a list of Canada’s biggest water projects. this year we have the top six projects coating some $3.4 billion. These projects not only represent a major investment in infrastructure , but also are significant for the capacity of future growth where they are located. Also of note is 20 billion in federal money earmarked for water infrastructure in 2017.

First up in the big six is the North End Sewage Treatment Plant Biological Nutrient Removal Upgrade. $794.6 million. Winnipeg is the home of one of Canada’s oldest biological treatment plants..soon to get an upgrade. Presently Treating 200 million litres of waste water per day, and serving 705 of the cities population the new facility provisions for future expansion to 2067 population forecasts. lion-gate

The Lions Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant in North Vancouver. $700 million. New Federal and Provincial guidelines require the upgrade of all primary treatment plants in urban areas to secondary sewage treatment by 2020. Of note once operational Lions Gate will be able to remove 90% of organic matter.

In Calgary we have the Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant D Expansion. $600 million. One of three of Calgary’s treatment plants , Bonnybrook, is undergoing an expansion with the plant estimated to be able to service an additional population of 325,000. When completed in 2022 the facility will be servicing a population of 1.366 million people in Calgary and surrounding areas.


Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Expansion. $550 million. This Vancouver facility improvement will accomodate future growth, improve on the ability to withstand a major earthquake, take advantage of green energy captured on site, and manage odour.

Hanlan Water Project. Mississauga. $450million. Will help in the management of continued growth.

South End Water Pollution Control Centre.$335.6million. Water and wastewater is a big issue in Winnepeg with wastewater treatment plant expansion in both the north and the south end.



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