Flint is Healing

flinnA new study out has found that the level of lead in Flint’s water is below the federal threshold. Residents are still being told to use filtered water. This is obviously fantastic news for a city that has battled with one of America’s worst environmental disasters. Residents still remain cautious. flinn3

Last year a federal emergency was declared in Flint after it was discovered that many children had elevated lead levels in the blood and 12 deaths that were linked to Legionnaires disease ( a form of pneumonia caused by waterborne bacteria.

Yesterday, Michigan’s Dept. of Environmental Quality released an email stating that the lead levels had fallen below the action level. This is great news for everyone , including local, county , state, and federal levels of government working together to achieve a positive result for the people of Flint. The Flint water supply is one of the most monitored systems in the US for lead and copper. There is a plan to continue with further water testing and continued removal of the remaining lead pipes. flinn1

The contamination occurred after Flint changed it’s water source from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River. Old pipes were used to channel the water…pipes that had reportedly not been treated with corrosion inhibitors. This improper treatment caused lead to leach into the water from the aging pipes, affecting some 6,000-12,000 children.


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