Russian Water Industry at a Crossroads

russia3With over 10 million Russians lacking clean drinking water and with 30 % of water pipelines in need of repair or replacement serious efforts will be required to bring the infrastructure up to an acceptable level.russia

Chistaya Voda or Clean Water is a Russian project to provide better water to the citizens of the country. It’s fate is up in the air due to conflicts between its supporters, opponents, and the huge state funds required for its implementation. A large-scale reform of the Russian water system is required whether the Clean Water project goes through or not.russia1

According to Russian regulatory bodies 35% to 60% of total reserves of drinking water do not meet sanitary standards, while 40% of surface water and 17% of underground water is considered not potable. The level of pollution in Russian rivers and lakes from agriculture and industrial waste exceeds all minimal standards. Nearly 11 million people in Russia do not have access to good drinking water, and 50 million more drink water with high iron levels. With 30 % of their pipes needing to be upgraded the pace of repair is only that 1.5% get replaced each year..they are falling behind. If the volume of repair works was to be increased by several times they would still not meets the needs of the population. Constant budget investments  are required to just maintain what they have. Local experts think that most of the pipes are in an emergency position and need replacing within the next 2 to 3 years. Not very realistic scenario so they are turning to modern technologies to help boost water supply.




Enter scientist Viktor Petrick who has developed a water filter based on carbon mixture of high relativity and nanotechnologies. If fully approved Petrick’s filters could be installed in all public and social institutions across Russia.russia4

In 2006 the Clean Water project was launched by Boris Gryzlov, head of the Russian State Duma. Initially slated to be completed by 2025 at a cost of 576 billion US dollars…the costs have spiralled up. The new project is multi faceted involving upgrades to both water supply and sewage, changes in legislation to help protect water sources, stimulate the production of equipment , and establish a Russian brand drinking water to challenge some of the best bottled water in the world.

Gryzlov says the Clean Water project is based on 3 principles, to promote the drinking of a quality water product, continue scientific research into water technologies, and develop special technical regulations with respect to the quality of water.  Another initiator of the program says the main goal is to provide clean water at a reasonable cost. This is to be done by installing water filtration units in peoples homes and apts across the country.




There is push back from the Russian scientific community that disagrees with the Clean Water project. The end goal of clean water is wanted , but scepticism over these filters is rife. Replacing piping is still considered the way to go , but to replace the metal pipes with longer lasting plastic analogues.



It looks to me like they have a problem. The Russians have let the water infrastructure deteriorate to the point where they have a real emergency on their hands or just around the corner. As with North America the costs of replacing and repair are huge. The idea of putting filters on every drinking water outlet in the country sounds like a band-aid or at worse a get rich scheme for someone.

Water is never a problem until it is a problem, and then it can be a big problem.

Videos linked directly to the Clean Water Program in Russia were not found or are unavailable.




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