The Sliver Carp is on the move.

The invasive silver carp famous for leaping out of the water to the peril of boaters has been caught on the St. Croix river bordering Minnesota and Wisconsin. These are some of the most pristine water to be found in America, so the find is disappointing but not unexpected.

A commercial fisherman caught the 13 lb fish close to where the St. Croix meets the Mississippi. 2 other silver carp were caught in the area in 2014, as well as another invasive species the big-headed carp.

The silver carp, big head carp , and other invasive species escaped into the Mississippi in the 70″s and have been working their way upstream since. The danger is that these are a large aggressive fish that can take over an ecosystem at the loss of the native species.

Where these fish have been caught are popular areas where several species of fish overwinter. It is not thought that a breeding population has been established as yet. it is possible that these fish will move back into the Mississippi river as spring temps warm up the river. Once the ice thaws a more in-depth search will be conducted to try to establish the true extent of the issue near Prescott, Wisconsin.

Various techniques have been used to try to stop the spread of these invasive species like closing dams in their path, fences, even installing acoustic speakers.




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